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  • Transmit

    The ability to turn and transfer force through flexible and elastic properties,

  • Bearing

    Strong load, capable of carrying large loads, such as a suspension cable on a cr

  • Location

    The structure is restricted, such as the mooring cable of the ship, the offshore

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Ningbo Yinzhou Jianhong wire manufacturing Co. Ltd is located in Ningbo City, Yinzhou District Jiang town garden,It has been more than 20 years since the company started its business in 1992., the company with "quality first, reputation first" principle, in the steel industry has its own brand, sales unit area is expanding all over the Department all over the country. The construction of the company is also expanding, and the equipment is constantly increasing. We are welcome to contact our factory with the required units.

  • Spring engineering

    Spring steel wire is a kind of steel wire used for making SPRING or WIRE FORM...

  • Optical cable engine

    Fiber optic cable is mainly made up of fiber and steel wire, because the strength of the fiber is low, the steel wire ca

  • Automobile Engineeri

    The so-called "soft" is like a bicycle brake able for cable as a spiral wire core tube, pipe lubricating oil b

  • Hardware tools

    Electric tools, pneumatic tools, tools and machine tool accessories, hydraulic t

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